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GST No. 24-00-2716-001-19          NTN No. 3048930-0


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01- FESCO Tender Notice For Construction of Tower & Pile Foundations. ( Tender No.118GSC Uploaded on 21-06-2017)
02- FESCO Tender Notice For Emergent Repair of Other Than Building Under Civil Works Subdivision Headquarter FESCO Faisalabad. ( Tender No.1840-43 Uploaded on 21-06-2017)
03- Pre-Qualification of Consultants/Expression of Interest (EOI) for Providing Consultancy Services. ( Tender No.7133-37 Uploaded on 19-06-2017)  
04- FESCO Disposal Tender Notice For Waste Papers( Tender No.76-78 Uploaded on 16-06-2017)  
05- FESCO Tender Notice For Repair & Supply( Tender No.1249/FESCO/MMM/DIST/2016-2017 Uploaded on 09-06-2017)  
06- FESCO Tender Documents (Tender No.1522-26 Uploaded on 09-06-2017)  
07- FESCO Tender Documents Construction of Xen Office Mianwali.(Uploaded on 09-06-2017)  
08- FESCO Tender Notice For Supply of Material (Tender No.1236-1248 Uploaded on 06-06-2017)  
09- FESCO Tender Notice For Maintenance & Repair of Quarters (Tender No.1614-17 Uploaded on 05-06-2017)  
10- FESCO Tender Notice For  Maintenance & Repair of 02 No.0.5 Cusce Turbine Pumps (Tender No.1702-05 Uploaded on 05-06-2017)  
11- FESCO Tender Notice For Raising/Re-construction of Boundary Wall  (Tender 6417-23 Uploaded on 29-05-2017)  
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