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01- FESCO Tender Notice for Carriage and erection of HT/LT PC Spun Hollow Poles (Tender 138-152(2020) Uploaded on 10-07-2020)
02- Request for Proposal for Appointment of Consultant for Actuarial Valuation of Post-Retirement Benefits as on 30.06.2020 (Tender CFO-02 Uploaded on 09-07-2020)
03- FESCO Tender Notice for Manufacturing of new Distribution Transformers OR repair of Distribution Transformers (Tender 01-05/TRW/2020-2021 Uploaded on 08-07-2020)  
04- FESCO Tender Notice for Supply of Material (Tender 1814-1829 Uploaded on 07-07-2020)  
05- FESCO Tender Notice for Purchase of Furniture and Fixture / electronics items (Tender CWD-II-47 Uploaded on 06-07-2020)  
06- FESCO Tender Notice for Supply of Computer Stationery & Computer Media Items (Tender 1811-1813/MMM/FCC Uploaded on 30-06-2020)  
07- FESCO Tender Notice for Providing and Installation of 02 Tons Capacity invertor Air Conditioners. (Tender CWD-II-46 Uploaded on 29-06-2020)  
08- FESCO Tender Notice for supply of New Paper Covered Copper Strip, Enamelled Copper Wire for recycling of mixed damaged/ dismantled HT/LT Copper into LT Paper Covered Strips. (Tender 09-11/TRW Uploaded on 25-06-2020)  
09- FESCO Tender Notice For Supply of Material for Extension of 02-No. Line Bays at 220KV G/S Ludewala. (Tender 109/GSC Uploaded on 23-06-2020)  
10- FESCO Short Tender Notice for Carriage & Erection of PCC / Spun Hollow Poles. (Tender 16517-24 Uploaded on 17-06-2020)  
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