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01- FESCO Tender Notice for Carriage & Erection of HT/LT/PCC/Spun Hollow Poles (Tender No.442 Uploaded on 17-01-2019)
02- FESCO Tender Notice for Construction of Trenches for Power Cables Culverts (Tender No.11-20 Uploaded on 11-01-2019)  
03- Pre-Qualification of Consultants Expression of Interest (EOI) (Tender No.222-25 Uploaded on 09-01-2019)  
04- FESCO Tender Notice for Supply of Wiring Material (Tender No.1&2-2019 Uploaded on 09-01-2019)  
05- FESCO Tender Notice For Widening of Toad at H/Q Faisalabad( Tender No.489-94 Uploaded on 04-01-2019)  
06- FESCO Tender Notice for Supply of Electrical Material (Tender No.1578-1585 Uploaded on 02-01-2019)  
07- FESCO Tender Notice for Supply of Material (Tender No.NCB-141-PMU Uploaded on 02-01-2019)  
08- FESCO Tender Notice for Supply Electrical & Computer Items (Tender No.1576-1577 Uploaded on 31-12-2018)  


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