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01- Extension in Date, Tender No ICB-309PMU. (Uploaded on 06-12-2021)
02- Amendment in Tender No 48-53Civil-1 & 60-64civil-1. (Uploaded on 06-12-2021)
03- FESCO Tender Notice For Construction of Offices. (Tender 72-76civil-1 Uploaded on 03-12-2021)  
04- FESCO Tender Notice For Construction of Parking Shed, Renovation of Washrooms, Maintenance & Repair of Bungalows & Quarters etc. (Tender 65-71civil-1 Uploaded on 03-12-2021)  
05- Invitation for Bids For Supply of Items Along-with All Allied Accessories (Tender ICB-309PMU Uploaded on 02-12-2021)  
06- Invitation for Bids For Supply of Material. (Tender ERP-20 Uploaded on 02-12-2021)  
07- Invitation for Bids to Procurement, Installation, and Commissioning of Fire Detection and Suppression System in ERP Data Centre. (Tender ERP-20 Uploaded on 02-12-2021)  
08- Invitation for Bids to Enhance Storage Solution EMC/DELL Unity 300 & VNXE 3200 in ERP Data Centre. (Tender ERP-19 Uploaded on 02-12-2021)  
09- FESCO Tender Notice For Recycling of Mixed Damaged/Dismantled HT/LT Copper . (Tender 32-33TRW Uploaded on 30-11-2021)  
10- FESCO Tender Notice For Supply of Misc Material. (Tender 342-343GSC Uploaded on 30-11-2021)  
11- FESCO Tender Notice Carriage & erection of HT/LT PC Spun Hollow Poles. (Tender 191-207(2021) Uploaded on 26-11-2021)  
12- FESCO Tender Notice For Renovation of Office, Re-Construction of Roads, Tower Foundations & Tower Protection. (Tender CWD-II-37-42(2021-22) Uploaded on 25-11-2021)  
13- Request for Proposal to Hire the Services of a Chartered Accountancy Firm. (Tender 2065MM Uploaded on 24-11-2021)  
14- FESCO Tender Notice For Construction of Boundary Wall, Office Building & CAT-IV Quarters. (Tender 60-64civil-1 Uploaded on 23-11-2021)  
15- FESCO Tender Notice For Special Repair of Offices & Quarters. (Tender 54-59civil-1 Uploaded on 23-11-2021)  
16- Amendment in Tender No.2050MM Uploaded on 22-11-2021)  
17- Invitation of Bids for Construction of E/E Foundations and Allied Civil Works & Transportation, Shifting, Erection & Stringing for Re-Conductoring of 132KV D/C T/Line . (Tender 340-341GSC Uploaded on 16-11-2021)  
18- Invitation of Bids for Construction of Tower Foundations & Transportation, Shifting, Erection & Stringing of 132KV D/C T/Line . (Tender 338-339GSC Uploaded on 16-11-2021)  
19- Invitation of Bids for Construction of Pole Foundations. (Tender 335-337GSC Uploaded on 16-11-2021)  
20- Amendment in Tender 2056-2064MM Uploaded on 12-11-2021)  
21- FESCO Tender Notice For Construction of Boundary Walls. (Tender 48-53civil-1 Uploaded on 12-11-2021)  
22- FESCO Tender Notice For Stringing of HT Lines . (Tender 1-2MW-circle Uploaded on 11-11-2021)  
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