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GST No. 24-00-2716-001-19          NTN No. 3048930-0


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01- FESCO Tender Notice For Construction of Tower Foundations ( Tender No.129-131GSC Uploaded on 15-08-2017)
02- FESCO Disposal Tender Notice For Supply od Material (Tender No.102PMU Uploaded on 02-08-2017)  
03- FESCO Disposal Tender Notice For the Waste Papers (Tender No.85/FESCO/2017-18 Uploaded on 01-08-2017)  
04- FESCO Tender Notice For Installation of 20/26MVA Power Transformers (Tender No.125-128GSC Uploaded on 28-07-2017)  
05- FESCO Disposal Tender Notice For Unserviceable Material (Tender No.79-84 Uploaded on 27-07-2017)  
06- FESCO Tender Notice For Maintenance and Operation o Chiller Plant of WAPDA Hospital Fsd ( Tender No.2267-70 Uploaded on 27-07-2017)  
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