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As Pakistani we dedicated the Independence Day of Pakistan to the Kashmiri brothers and observe complete solidarity with them. Our Kashmiri brothers are struggling for their legitimate rights said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Shafiq ul Hassan, he was addressing a gathering after flag hoisting on the eve of Independence Day of Pakistan. He said that we should adopt the golden principal of Quaid e Azam Unity, Faith and Discipline and work for the development of the country. We thanked God on this day who bestowed us with this beautiful country. He further said that after the sacrifice of millions of lives, Pakistan came into existence as an Islamic Ideological State. He said that as a nation we should promise that we will work for the development and progress of the country and brought a sublime name for Pakistan among the other countries of the world. Earlier, CEO FESCO along with other participants of the function hoisted the flag. Chief Engineers, Directors, Deputy Directors and large number of FESCO officer and officials were also present at this occasion.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Eng. Shafiq ul Hassan has disclosed that construction of new 132-KV Tariqabad grid station at Jhumra road has started which would be completed before start of next summer season; he was addressing a high level meeting at FESCO Headquarters (HQ) here today. During the meeting Chief Engineer (T&G) Khalid Javed Khan and Superintending Engineer (GSO) Aamir Pannu briefed him about the performance of the GSO circle.> Chief Executive said that FESCO would not make any compromise on quality and provision of best services to its consumers is our top priority. He warned that there is no room for sluggish staff but the officials who would achieve the targets would get respect as well as facilities. He stressed upon the safe environment and plantation at grid stations. He directed to take steps for removal of hurdles in primary system immediately. He said that FESCO has published advertisement for the recruitment of the operation staff to overcome the shortage of staff and steps would be taken for recruitment of grid station and security staff very soon. He was informed that a new power transformer of 20/26 MVA capacity is being installed at 132KV Chiniot road grid station while construction of the building of new control house at 132KV Jhang road grid station has completed and power transformer of 40MVA has also been installed at this grid. Similarly the capacity of 66KV Pathan Kot grid station has increased up to 132KV. The meeting was also attended by the XEN SS&T Sarfraz Ahmed, Muhamamd Munawar, Staff Officer Abid Rashid, Add: Director PR Tahir Sheikh and other FESCO officers.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Shafiq ul Hassan said that FESCO would utilize all its resources to save the interests of its workers who work with full dedication for the company.  Workers should not make any compromise on safety; he was addressing a delegation of the Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Workers Union who met him under the leadership of General Secretary Khurshid Ahmed Khan here today.He further said that he is proud of a part of FESCO and its workers are precious assets of the company. He said that with the support of FESCO officers and official FESCO will make more progress. He said that campaign against power pilferage would be continued in future and FESCO staff should keep up its moral. Earlier, General Secretary Hydro union welcomed him on his return as CEO FESCO and hoped that under his leadership FESCO would remain at top among the all distribution companies. He said that Shafiq ul Hassan always proved him as an affectionate boss. Regional Chairman Union Sarfrz Hundal said that all FESCO workers would work like a family and safety of workers would be their top priority.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Shafiq ul Hassan said that provision of best services and uninterrupted power supply to consumers and protection of the rights of consumers as well as FESCO staff is his top priority and FESCO will utilize all its resources for this purpose. He said that power pilferage is a national crime and strict action would continue against power pilferers without any discrimination and zero tolerance policy against electricity theft would be continued in future. He also stressed upon for the promotion of safety culture in company and said that line staff is very precious asset of the company and safety of their lives is also top priority of company. He directed the FESCO officers and officials to ensure the early redress of consumers’ complaints. He further said that power sector has utmost importance because social as well as economic activities depends on this sector and staff related to power sector can provide best services to consumers by utilizing their capabilities. He said that FESCO has a prominent name among all distribution companies (DISCOs) and he will make more efforts to maintain this position. He also directed the officers to promote the self-accountability and prove them as role model for others. He said that FESCO consumers have great value for the company and uninterrupted power supply and immediately redress of consumers complaints should be priority of FESCO staff.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah always proved himself as labor friendly leader and took every possible step for welfare of workers and protected their rights. He said that he made tireless efforts to stand the FESCO on top among the all Distribution Companies (DISCOs), said Regional Chairman All Pakistan WAPDA Hydro Electric Works Union Ch. Sarfraz Hundal during a function arranged by the CBA union in recognition of his services as CEO FESCO. He lauded the struggle of CEO Mujahid Islam Billah for the welfare of subordinate staff and said that in case of any emergency situation or problems CEO always stood with his labor force and defend them from tense circumstances. Haji M Murtaza, Ch Ghulam Mustafa, Jamil Ahmed, Mian Sahid Hussaain, Kashif Sherazi, Mian Nadeem, Asghar Ali Gill, Ahmed Ali Raza, Munir Ghani, Lala Najabat, Mian Farooq, Qavi Mehmood, Rashid Gill and other office bearers also addressed the function and appreciated the labor friendly steps of CEO Mujahid Islam Billah and said that build ideal relations between union and company and created brotherhood between engineers & workers and now they well informed problems being confronted by each other. They further said that personality of CEO FESCO was like a roof for the workers who protected them every tough situation and created a sense of protection among them. The retiring CEO Mujahid Islam Billah said that during his tenure in FESCO, hydro union fully cooperated with him who created an excellent working environment both for officers and officials. He further said that officials of CBA union not only protect the subordinate staff but also striving hard for the progress of department. He hoped that union would continue his excellent service in future. Later regional chairman CBA union presented a souvenir to CEO.


Federal Minister for Energy Umer Ayub has appreciated the tireless efforts and excellent services of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah to make FESCO as one of the best distribution company among all DISCOs and said that other distribution companies should follow his footstep while Secretary Energy Irfan Ali said that CEO FESCO has set an example of honesty, hard working and professionalism for others, they disclosed their views in separate video messages on the eve of farewell party of CEO FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah, arranged by the FESCO officers. During the speech General Secretary Hydro Union Khurish Ahmed Khan said that CEO  FESCO always show his affection to workers just like a father and played key role to protect the rights of subordinate staff. GM Operation FESCO said that Mujahid Islam Billah has unmatched personality and he always defend FESCO officers and as well as official in any complicated situation. President FCCI Syed Zia Almdar Bukhari presented him great tribute to CEO FESCO and said that he always kept the interests of company on priority and never misbehaved with anyone. DPO Mianwali Hassan Asad Alvi said that Mujahid Islam Billah is a name of hard work, loyalty and dedication who always serve the country. Commissioner Faisalabad Mehmood Javed Bhatt said that officers like Mujahid Islam Billah are rate and his personality and characters is remarkable. Former MD PEPCO Tahir Bashart Cheema also expressed his views and said that CEO FESCO has abilities of leadership by birth and he is a future leader. CEO LESCO Mujahid Pervez Chattha said that Mujahid Islam Billah was always remained ready to sacrifice everything in support of his staff; his professional life is best example for others. During his speech CEO FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah thanked the FESCO officers & officials, union representatives and people belonging different walk of life for their appreciation and said that he started his professional life from Faisalabad and now it also ending in this city. He said that he received unforgettable love and respect from Faisalabad and it is precious asset of his life. Chairman PEC Saleem Javed Qureshi, President Press Club Zafar Dogar, Former CEO MEPCO Masood Salah au Din, Iqbal Ghori, Regional Chairman Hydro Union Sarfraz Hundal, BOD Director Abudul Hameed Ch, General Manager Operation M Arif, Additional Director PR Tahir Sheikh and Deputy Director Safety also addressed the function.


Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) is making sincere efforts to resolve the problems being confronted by its employees, said Mujahid Islam Billah Chief Executive Officer FESCO; he was addressing a Joint Works Council (JWC) meeting at FESCO H.Q here today. He said that FESCO employees should also work with a national commitment to achieve the set goals for the progress and prosperity of this company. He directed the FESCO employees to adopt safety culture while working on live lines as there was no substitute of human life. He expressed concern over the increasing incidents of electrocution among the FESCO employees and said that we should make elaborate efforts to control these incidents. He said that FESCO line staff should use T&P to discourage the incidents of fatal and non fatal incidents. Khurshid Ahmed General Secretary of Hydro Electric Labor Union also addressed the meeting and said that union will extend maximum cooperation towards FESCO administration in providing much needed relief to the consumers. He said that employees of FESCO are like one body and they must work with complete unity and harmonies to achieve the ultimate goals for prosper Pakistan. He also lauded the services of FESCO employees who had laid down their lives to provide electricity to the Industrial, Agriculture, Commercial and Domestic sectors. He also thanked the FESCO administration for extending maximum facilities to the FESCO employees. The other office bearers of union also assured Chief Executive of their full cooperation. Chief Executive issued orders for redressel of genuine workers problem on spot and assured to pay a sympathetic consideration to the remaining problems. Director General (HR&Admn) Bahri Karam, Chief Financial Officer Nazir Ahmed, Additional DG Admin Nasar Hayat Maken, Additional DG (L&L) Dolat Ali Harral, other officers, Regional Chairman Hydro union Sarfraz Hundal, Regional General Secretary Muhammad Khan Niazi and other office bearers of the union were also present during the meeting.


On special directives of the Ministry of Energy (Power Division) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah Open Court are being arranged all over the FESCO region for early redress of consumers complaints. In this connection, Superintending Engineer first circle Ilyas Ghuman arranged open court at Chiniot, SE second circle Noor ul Hassan Dogar at Tandlianwala, SE Sargodha Raja Mehmood at Jhawarian and SE Jhang circle Mian Khalid Nazir at Shorkot. The their address they said that on special directives of Federal Minister Umer Ayub and Secretary Irfan Ali they are arranging the open with their subordinate officers so that consumers who face problems to visit FESCO office could be able to submit their complaint without any hesitation because solution of consumers complaints at their door step, eradication of corruption from department and elimination of power theft from FESCO it our top priority. They said that power pilferers would be taken to task so that consumes who pay their bill honestly has not to bear the burden to electricity theft and electricity tariff could be reduced. They further said that consumer can register their complaints regarding power theft and any kind of corruption in department verbally or in written so that strict action could be initiated against it. They said that they would try their best for the progress and development of department as well as country.


Special task force of FESCO Rehmay Shah Sub Division, led by XEN Tandlianwala apprehended a network involved in electricity theft through direct supply from 11KV feeder by utilizing power transformer and the electricity was being provided to 10 more houses. FESCO team has seized cable and 25KVA transformer and sent application in Muridwala police station for the registration of FIR against M. Amin electrician. According to the details, on the special directives of the Ministry of Energy (Power Division) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah special teams and task forces are taking round the clock action against the power theft in FESCO region. In this connection, FESCO task force has caught direct supply from 11KV feeder. Electrician M Amin was stealing electricity from 11KV Kanjwani feeder though 25KVA transformer and providing this electricity to 10 more houses. He has installed solar panels on top of his roof to deceive the FESCO staff and impression was given that solar energy is being used for workshop. On doubt, SE Second circle FESCO Khadim Hussain Lara issued orders to SDO Rehmay Shah and task force for its monitoring and detected power pilferage. Last night, XEN Tandlianwala M Arif along with SDO Sajjad raided and caught power theft red handed. Electrician M Amin ran away from the site while FESCO staff has seized underground cable, transformer and other gadgets. CEO FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah has expressed his determination that special campaign against power theft would continued till the complete elimination of electricity theft from FESCO. He further said that there is significant reduction in power theft which not only helpful to increase the company revenue but also providing relief to consumers. 


Campaign against power pilferage in FESCO jurisdiction is at full swing. In this connection, a special team headed by Superintending Engineer First Circle Ch Ilyas Ghuman caught electricity theft through direct supply through four core cable. The owner of factory was imposed penalty worth 0.5 million. FESCO staff has removed the meter and FIR has registered by Sargodha road police station. According to the details, on the special directives of the Ministry of Energy (Power Division) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah special teams and task forces are taking round the clock action against the power theft in FESCO region. On a tip, SE FESCO First Circle Ch Ilyas Ghuman along with SDO Muslim Town Sub Division Rana Rashid Mehmood started crackdown in the area of Noorpur and caught a plastic factory stealing electricity direct from FESCO cable. The owner of factory Ali Hussain was involved in power theft by drilling hole in roof of factory and using four core cable for direct supply from FESCO cable passing through the roof. FESCO special task force consisting upon Malik Zaheer Ahmed Meter Inspector, Muhammad Rashid and Muhammad Abbas unearthed the power theft and caught Ali Hussain red handed. SDO Rashid Mehmood registered FIR against factor owner under section 462-J and imposed 0.5 million penalty in shape of detection bill. Earlier, SE First Circle lauded the efforts of the surveillance team on performing duty efficiently.


FESCO has tightened grip against the power pilferers. In this connection, a special team headed by Superintending Engineer Second Circle Khadam Hussain Lara caught an electricity network, involved in providing electricity to 15 houses direct from FESCO PVC cable. FESCO staff has removed the relevant material and sent application to Jhang bazaar police station for the registration of FIR. According to the details, on the special directives of the Ministry of Energy (Power Division) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah special teams and task forces are taking round the clock action against the power theft in FESCO region. Last night, on receiving information, SE Second circle along with XEN GM Abad division initiated crackdown in the area of Zafarabad Jhang road and found that a property dealer named Irshad has established electricity network and providing electricity to 15 more houses illegally by stealing electricity direct from FESCO cable. The culprit has established this network on his roof and was receiving 4 thousand from every house per month. FESCO team has seized the mini grid station and other instruments. Police is raiding to arrest the Irshad while penalty of Rs.6 lac was imposed to Irshad.


There would be no load shedding during the Sehar, Iftar and Traveeh because all 1037 FESCO feeders have included in category-I, thus FESCO has become a load shedding free zone said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Mujahid Islam Billah, he was addressing to the FESCO officers here today. He informed that on special directives of Secretary Energy Irfan Ali and MD PEPCO special monitoring cells have been constituted at FESCO headquarters and circle levels to ensure the uninterrupted power supply to consumers under his supervision. He said that special teams have also been constituted at Sub Divisional, Divisional and Circle levels for early redress of the consumers’ complaint and trolley transformers have provided in Sub Divisional Offices to cope with any emergency situation. CEO directed the FESCO officers and officials to take every possible measure for provision of uninterrupted power supply to consumers during holy month of Ramzan. He also directed the FESCO staff to deal consumers with patience and attend their complaints immediately. He also praised the media role to highlight the public issues and said that with the help of media consumers problem would be solved immediately. Chairman FESCO Board of Directors (BOD) Khurram Mukhtar showed satisfaction over the FESCO arrangements for the month of Ramzan and said that FESCO is utilizing all its resources to ensure uninterrupted power supply to its consumers. He further said that FESCO BOD is striving hard for the provision of maximum to consumers and welfare of staff President Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) Syed Zia Alam Dar congratulated the CEO FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah on excellent performance of FESCO and said that FESCO is only distribution of PEPCO who has lowest line loses and maximum recovery. He also appreciated the services of CEO FESCO for up-gradation of transmission and distribution system and told that FESCO system can transmit 1.35 billion units. In addition, FESCO has also announced the contact numbers of higher officers for early redress of consumers’ complaints. Consumers can contact on these numbers in case of emergency and no response from the concern office. These numbers are included Chief Commercial Officer 041-9220576 mobile: 0345-1500311, Customer Services Director 041-9220176 mobile: 0345-1500223, Operations Director 041-9220052 mobile:0345-1502500, SE First Circle 041-9200641 mobile: 0345-1500208, SE Second Circle 041-9200480 mobile 0345-1501510, SE Sargodha Circle 048-9230393 mobile: 0345-1500352 and SE Jhang Circle 047-9200220 mobile: 0345-1502001. If consumer does not receive any positive response for redress of complaint then consumer may be contacted to CEO on 041-9220184.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah has said that Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) has achieved the line loses target set by NEPRA, by overcoming the power theft in FESCO region. Historically low line loses has put over one thousand feeders of FESCO region in category-I while all feeders of category-I would be exempted from the load shedding. In a statement, CEO FESCO said that FESCO is the only distribution company whose all feeders stand in category-I due to low loses. He further said that grand operation against power theft in FESCO region is in full swing and during this campaign over 9 thousand power pilferers were held and FESCO registered FIRs against 22 hundred power thieves while FESCO recovered 180 million from power pilferers. It is worth mentioning that FESCO recovery rate is at top among all distribution companies during this special campaign. He appreciated the support of district administration as well as police during the operation against power theft. He said that FESCO Board of Directors, all official and officers also played pivotal role to put the line loses beyond the NEPRA target. He made it clear that this special campaign against power theft would continue till the elimination of last power pilferer and defaulter. 


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) has said that special campaign against power theft in FESCO is in full swing and during this campaign, special task forces caught 9 thousand power pilferers while registered FIRs against 1900 and recovered 176 million, he was addressing FESCO officers and officials of the Industry Power Looms Association. He further said that special campaign against power theft would be continued in FESCO region without any discrimination with the support of district administration as well police. He also appreciated the role and cooperation of general public and business community in this campaign. Vice Chairman Industry Power Looms Association Khadim Hussain Maan congratulated the CEO FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah and his team on strict action against power theft and said that action against electricity theft is providing relief to them. He also assured their full support for the success of this campaign. Later, Officials of Industry Power Looms Association presented shields and bouquet to CEO FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah, SE Second Circle Khadim Hussain Lara, DCM Iqbal Khan Niazi, XEN Nazimabad Division Nadim Akbar Kahloon, XEN Abdullahpur Division Rana Afzal, XEN Peoples Colony Faheem Shah, SDO Jaranwala road Sub Division Ammar Chattha, SDO Allama Iqbal Colony Sub Division Muneebul Haq on fabulous campaign against power theft.


General Manager (GM) Technical Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Muhammad Ali Dogar has retired after completion of his service. FESCO arranged a fabulous farewell in honor of retired GM Technical here today in recognition of his remarkable service in FESCO. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah was the chief guest of function while provincial Minister for Population Welfare Sardar Muhammad Hashim Dogar specially attended the farewell and appreciated his services for the power sector. Hashim Dogar further said that Muhammad Ali Dogar always achieved the set targets by utilizing his excellent skills. He also congratulated GM Technical on completion service period. At this occasion CEO Mujahid Islam Billah said that there is no doubt that manpower performs a key role in the development & stability of institutions while good team & workforce is the precious asset of any department. He said that retirement through a respectable way is a great gift of God. He underlined the importance of Technical department in FESCO and retired GM Technical performed his services excellently in this department. He further said that GM Technical remarkably served in FESCO and dealt with his subordinate staff with affection and love while his behavior was exemplary. Other FESCO officers also highlighted the services of retired GM Technical and said that he never misbehave with any officer or official during his whole service and always adopted the extremely soft attitude and performed duty in expert manner. Retired GM Technical Muhammad Ali Dogar thanked his colleagues, officers and officials for their full cooperation during his service and declared his success a result of their teamwork. He said that he tried his best to complete all his official responsibilities. At the conclusion, CEO FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah presented a FESCO souvenir to GM Tech Muhammad Ali Dogar. The function was attended by large number of FESCO officers.


Special Task Force of FESCO People Colony Division has caught electricity theft through remote control device in furnace oil factory at Samundari road while electricity meter and 200KVA transformer has removed and application has sent to concern police station for the registration of FIR. According to details, on special directives of Ministry of Energy (Power Division) & CEO FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah severe crackdown against power theft in FESCO is at full swing. In this connection, on direction of SE second circle Khadim Hussain Lara, XEN people colony Fahim Shah started the monitoring of steel furnace mill and found decline in the electricity units. After continuous monitoring, special task force of people colony division along with M&T team under the supervision of XEN PC Syed Fahim Shah raided the mill and found a remote control device being used to stop the electricity meter. The owner of mill has deputed his staff on top of roof that immediately start the meter on arrival of any vehicle or person at spot and thus mill was involved in electricity theft. FESCO team has disconnected the electricity connection of mill and removed the 200KVA transformer and heavy fine would be imposed in shape of detection bill. The owner of mill has run away. CEO FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah has made an appeal to the public as well as consumers that they should immediately inform the FESCO about any kindly of electricity theft around their surroundings so that immediate action should be initiated. He further said that special campaign would be continued till the elimination of power pilferage from FESCO.


Special task force of FESCO Jaranwala road sub division raided a power looms factory and caught power theft by installing a bogus electricity meter in factory, factory owner ran away while application has submitted to Saddar police station for the registration of FIR. According to details, On special directives of Ministry of Energy (Power Division) and CEO FESCO, SE first circle Ch Ilyas Ghuman and XEN Abdullahpur Division are taking strict action against the power pilferers. In this connection SDO Jaranwala road sub division got information that a power loom factory situated in chak No.209 is involved in power theft. On this information SDO has started the monitoring of factory. Last night, when factory owner Shahid Mehmood S/o Sardar Ali replaced the original meter with bogus then at same time task force raided and caught the power theft. About 24 power looms were running in the factory. Raided team has removed the meter while factory owner ran away from the spot.Culprit imposed the one million fine in shape of detection bill of 70 thousand units and application has sent to Saddar police station for registration of FIR under Section 462-J electricity act. CEO FESCO has appreciated the XEN Abdullahpur and SDO Jaranwala road sub division and directed to more pace the action against electricity theft. 


Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) under the WAPDA Endowment Fund for Sports has started to disclose the hidden talent in young players. In this connection trials of players’ age between 12 to 16 years would be held at FESCO ground Abdullahpur on 18 March (Monday) 9am. According to details, male players who are interested in athletics, football, hockey, karate, squash, tennis, weightlifting, wrestling and female interested in athletics, hockey, karate and squash should participate in these trials to prove their abilities. The participants should bring their form B along with school identity card. During the initial trials male participants have to complete the 800 meter race in 3 minutes or less time period while female have to complete 400 meter race in 2 minute or less. In addition, at least 20 pushup, 6 feet standing jump, 6 chin-up and completion of 44 meter gone drill in 10 seconds or less time. In second phase, successful candidates of initial stage have to take Sports Specific Test according to their choice and after this candidates who would fulfill the require criteria would be formally enrolled. Finally selected candidates would be awarded 7 thousand honoraria per month for their education and sports activity. For more information contact to the FESCO sports officer Muhammad Arshad on his cell No.03006639607. In this connection, General Secretary FESCO Sports Association Athar Ayub Ch requested the parents, teachers and sports organizers to encourage the young players to participate in these trials because successful candidate would be able to illuminate the Pakistan name at world level in future.


Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) arranged open courts in FESCO region for early redress of consumers’ complaints at their door step. During the open courts at all four operation circle of FESCO totally 108 consumers submitted their complaints. In this connection, Chief Executive Officer Mujahid Islam Billah also visited the open court at FESCO Hajiabad Sub Division and heard the consumers’ complaints at spot. During his address he said that under the government vision FESCO is striving hard to provide the maximum facilities to its consumers and due to open courts clear decline could be seen in consumers’ complaints while consumers also declared this step appreciable.  He further said that vigorous and indiscriminate campaign against power pilferage had been underway and FESCO has adopted zero tolerance policy against power theft. He said that during the last four months 8000 power pilferers were arrested while FESCO registered FIRs against 1839 consumers and imposed them 220 million fine in shape of detection bills while recovered 160 million. He said that FESCO spent 600 million for replacement & enhancement the capacity of distribution transformers. At this occasion 28 consumes submitted their complaints regarding replacement of electricity meters & transformer, correction of bills, erection of poles etc. On this CEO issued orders for immediate solution of consumers’ complaints. SE first circle Ilyas Ghuman, DCM Sajid Khelji, Add Director (PR) Tahir Sheikh, XEN Civil Line Rana Afzal, Staff Officer Abid Rashid, Executive Engineers of first circle, SDO of Civil Line Division and huge number of people were also present during the open court. Meanwhile, SE Second Circle Khadim Hussain Lara, SE Jhang circle and SE Sargodha circle also held open courts at their circle and issued orders for redress the consumers’ complaints.

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