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On the special directives of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Rashied Ahmed Aslam, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) FESCO Sardar Masood Iqbal inspected different Divisional & Sub Divisional Offices of Sargodha Circles and issued show cause & displeasure notices of an Executive Engineer (XEN), 6 Sub Divisional Officers (SDOs), 3 Revenue Officers (ROs), 3 Line Superintendents (LSs) 3 Meter Inspectors (MIs) and 5 Meter Reading Officials. During inspection, CCO FESCO warned the commercial staff to improve their performance otherwise they have to face strict disciplinary action. CCO Sardar Masood Iqbal personally visited the Mianwali Division, Kalabagh & Essa Khel Sub Divisions and checked the meter reading at site, on observing wrong meter reading he issued show cause notices to SDO Mianwali Rural Sub Division, RO Mianwali Division & MI Mianwali Rural Sub Division while show cause notices were served to Meter Supervision (MS) Wan Bachran Sub Division & LS of Essa Khel Sub Division on showing poor performance. During inspection notices of displeasures were served to SDO Noorpur Thal Sub Division, MS Noorput Thal Sub Division, MI of Khushab – I Sub Division and show cause notice to RO Jauharabad Division. Similarly, show cause notices were given to SDO, MS and MI of Khushab – I Sub Division on delay of replacement of defective meters. CCO directed FESCO staff to replace the defective electricity meters without any delay. On delaying tactics notices of displeasure were also issued to XEN – III and RO – III Sargodha Division while show cause notice were also given to acting SDO & MS Bhagtanwala Sub Division – II, LS and MS of Satellite Town Sub Division. Sardar Masood Iqbal also checked the recovery and line losses position and allocated new targets for Divisions and Sub Divisions. 


A delegation of Asian Development Bank (ADB) headed by Country Director Donath Walton visited the Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Headquarters here today. Delegation reviewed the different electricity projects being completed with support of ADB. Ms. Donath Walton said that power sector of Pakistan is moving towards right direction by utilizing the modern technology. She expressed satisfaction over the speed of electricity projects being completed with ADB loan and expected that in future all projects would be completed with same dedication so that its positive impacts could be helpful for economy, agriculture and industrial sector of Pakistan. Earlier, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Rashid Ahmed Aslam welcomed the delegation and told that FESCO is establishing 6 new grids and upgrading the 40 grid stations with ADB support and all projects would be completed in set time period. He said that first 132-KV GIS grid station of FESCO would be completed till April 2017 while up-gradation of four grid station including 66-KV 18-Hazari, GM Raja, Rakh Digran and Kalabagh is under process and till June 2017 all constraints in the distribution system would be overcome. He expressed satisfaction over the performance of FESCO Project Management Unit (PMU) and directed them to further escalate their speed to complete all development projects. He warned that no negligence or lethargic attitude would be tolerated. Project Director ADB Ehtsham Zafar, Associate Project Analyst Huma Anbreen, GM Operation FESCO Saleem Bhatti, CE Development Sheikh Jahangir, Add CE Environment M Sharif, Director Procurement M Irfan, PD (GSC) Abdul Aziz Niazi, Add PD (GSC) Rana Ayub, Add Director Ali Raza, Add Director Finance Nazir Ahmed and Add Director Procurement Amir Mehboob Elahi were also present at this occasion.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company Rashid Ahmed Aslam said that secret of progress and development of the nations lie in hard work & dedication and collective efforts put the departments at the peak of the progress, he was addressing a farewell party arranged in honor of Director (Marketing & Tariff) Rana Muhammad Saleem here at FESCO headquarters. He further said that nobody can deny the importance of manpower in present era because the dream of the development of the departments could not be come in true without hardworking and skilled workforce. He said that retired officer kept attracted the all staff by his capabilities and kind behavior and provided best results by his personal efforts and dedication. He said that he was fully expert in field related to tariff and on the eve of their retirement company is depriving of experienced and professional officer. The retired officer Director (Marketing & Tariff) Rana Muhammad Saleem thanked their officers and colleagues for their round the clock support and said that his stay in FESCO is precious asset of his life and he would not forget the memorable movements which he spent in FESCO.The farewell party was also attended by the GM Operation Rana Muhammad Saleem, Chief Commercial Officer Sardar Masood, Chief of Audit Nizam au Din Marwat, DG (HRA) Eshan Siddiqui, Add: D.G Legal M. Ali, Add DG Admn Nasar Hayat Maken and other officers also.  At the end of the farewell party CEO Rashid Ahmed Aslam present shield to the retired officer Director (Marketing & Tariff) Rana Muhammad Saleem.


On the special directives of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Rashid Ahmed Aslam FESCO has started Automated Meter Reading (AMR) pilot project at Madina Town and Tandlianwala Sub Divisions. FESCO is first Distribution Company of Pakistan who started AMR project. Under this project 2500 electricity meters would be installed in Madina Town and 7000 in Tandlianwala Sub Division. After the successful installation AMR meters in Madina Town and Tandlianwala Sub Divisions this project would be launched in all eight districts in FESCO jurisdiction. Under the AMR Project three phase and MDI electricity would be equipped with Global System for Mobile (GSM) technology which would also connected with FESCO Computer Center and thus reading of these meters would be recorded though GSM signals on real time basisSimilarly, Single Phase Meters would work under the Radio Frequency and Meter Readers would record reading of these meters with Hand Held Device (HHD). Through Radio Frequency (RF) Technology when a Meter Reader would be ready to take reading at site then reading of 30 single phase meters would be recorded simultaneously.This project would not only helpful to discourage the power theft but also helpful to eliminate the complaints regarding over & wrong billing and also helpful to increase the FESCO revenue. At the inauguration of this project SDO Madina Town Sub Division Muhammad Saeed, SDO Gutwala Sajjad Mehmood, LS Muhammad Wajid and representative of KBK Anwar Raza were also present.


Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Board of Directors (BOD) has confirmed the PEPCO decision for up-gradation of pay scales of 9 different categories of FESCO employees and enhanced the up-gradation quota from 30% to 50% allocated for employees of grade 1 to 15. This was decided in the BOD’s 160/48th meeting held here at FESCO Headquarters. The meeting was presided over by Chairman BOD Khurram Mukhtar and also attended by BOD members CEO FESCO Rashid Ahmed Aslam, Rana Ehsan Afzal, Ch. Javed Kamal, Syed Zia Alamdar, Abdul Hamee Ch. Company Secretary Ather Ayub Ch and CFO Zahid Hassan. Agenda for the up-gradation of line staff was presented to board and Company Secretary told the board that PEPCO has already approved the up-gradation, on this BOD also confirm this decision. Under this up-gradation pay scales of LM upgraded from 9 to 11 LM-II, Meter Reader, and SSA have upgraded from scale 5 to 7. Similarly, ministerial staff including Accounts Assistant, Commercial Assistant, Audit Assistant and Admin Assistant have upgraded from scale 14 to 15, UDC from 9 to 11, LDC from 7 to 9. FESCO BOD also approved the up-gradation of class-IV employees from BPS-1 to BPS-2 and granted premature increment to staff of BPS-5. Board unanimously approved the construction of Transformer Reclamation Workshop at Sargodha and accepted the bid for its construction and construction of ducts at 11KV lines.     


Training is inevitable to improve & glow the performance of officers as well as subordinate staff said, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Rashid Ahmed Aslam. He was addressing a passing out ceremony of 26th Junior Management Course and 66th Induction Course at WAPDA Engineer Academy (WEA) here today. He further said that trainings provide awareness to staff about new trends which could provide better results in their professional life. He said that Engineers are performing the basic role for the development of a country & nation. He stressed upon the Engineers to utilize all their capabilities for the solution of the current energy crisis. Principal WEA Shahzad Bashir said that Senior Engineer should transfer their professional experience to the Juniors so that they could perform their duty in expert manner. Earlier Director General Academy Zafar Iqbal told that this course was started from 18th September and concluded today. He said that WEA is providing state of the art technical training to Engineers of WAPDA, Azad Kashmir, private  & public Sector. Totally 42 Engineers participated in these courses. Later CEO FESCO Rashid Ahmed Aslam awarded certificates and shields to the participants of courses. Aseem Hussain of HESCO (Hyderabad) stood first, M. Imran of NTDC second while Bahar Ali of Civil Works secured third position.


Resident Mission of Asian Development Bank (ADB) along with foreign journalists visited the Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) headquarters in connection with 50 years celebration of ADB. Senior External Relations Officer Muhammad Ismail Khan was also accompanied with mission.Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Rashid Ahmed Aslam said that expansion of 75 Grid Station, replacement of power transformer and purchase of modern gadgets is being made with support of ADB. He further said that about 33 projects have been completed and remaining would be completed till Mach, 2018 and he hoped that hardworking staff of FESCO would complete all project before set time period. After the completion of the projects FESCO distribution network would be able to provide the electricity to its 3.6 million consumers without any load management.Chief Engineer Development (PMU) Ali Raza informed delegation about different projects in FESCO being completed with the support of ADB.Senior External Relations Officer Muhammad Ismail Khan said that power sector of Pakistan is moving towards right direction and cooperation between ADB and Pakistan would continue & more strengthen in future. FESCO is working on different project efficiently being supported by ADB, he added. He said that project for provision of Free of Cost Energy Savers was also completed successfully. Later, 20 foreign journalists including Caroline of AFP, Mr. Hatakeyana of Bureau chief of Japanese News Agency Kyod, Mr. Abdullah of BBC Islamabad, Asghar APP and Mr. Irman of Nation visited Old Thermal Power and under construction GIS Grid Stations. General Manager Operation Saleem Bhatti brief the delegation about the working of grid stations.


Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) WAPDA/FESCO Ali Waqar Warriach has won first Thal Desert Jeep Rally arranged by the Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan (TDCP). The total distance in D-Stock category was about 200 KM which covered by the Ali Waqar Warrich in shortest time period and he stoop first at victory stand. The total 65 participants took part in rally from all over the country. At the end of Chief guest awarded trophy to the winner of Thal Jeep rally. Earlier, Ali Waqar has also won the Lahore Jeep rally and got third position in 11th Cholistan Jeep rally.  


A meeting of Human Resources (HR) Committee of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Board of Directors (BOD) held here under the chair of Chairman HR Committee Ch. Javed Kamal at FESCO Headquarters here today. The HR Committee members Abdul Hameed Ch, Director General (HR & Admin) Ehsan Siddique, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Zahid Hassan and Director Human Resources (HR) Athar Ayub were also present in the meeting.  HR Committee recommended the approval for the recruitment of Rub Nawaz son of late Lineman – I of Saddar Sub Division Jhang who died during performing his official duty as Bill Distributor in category – III. Committee also directed to prepare the Job Description (JD) for prevailing ERP staff. The committee was told that PEPCO has approved the two grade up-gradation of line staff and FESCO also wants to adopt PEPCO office memorandum for the welfare of staff. The approved the recommendations of up-gradation of Lineman – I from scale 9 to 11, Assistant Line Man (ALM) from 5 to 7, Meter Reader from 7 to 9, ASSA/BD/Helper from 5 to 7 while the recommendation were also approved for the up-gradation of posts of Ministerial, Commercial, Audit and Accounts of Junior Superintendent from Grade 15 to 16, Assistant from 14 to 15, UDC from 9 to 11 and LDC from 7 to 9 after amendment in services rules. The final approval of the recommendation of HR Committee would be obtained from Board of Directors (BOD) next meeting.


The capacity of FESCO Transformer Reclamation Workshop has been doubled now TRW would be able to repair the 5 thousand transformer instead of 2400 annually. Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Board of Directors (BOD) approved the 23.6 million to enhance the capacity of TRW while approval has also been granted for the establishment of Transformer Workshop at Sargodha. According to details, FESCO Transformer Reclamation Workshop was repairing 2400 transformer annually. In view of high demand of transformers repairing FESCO BOD approved to double the capacity of workshop with an estimated cost of Rs.23.6 million and after completion of Civil Works and installation of machinery the capacity of workshop has doubled. Now this workshop would complete the repairing of 5 thousand transformers till June 2017. Similarly, BOD also approved the establishment of Transformer Workshop at Sargodha so that the burnt transformer of  Bhakkar, Khushab, and Mianwali could be repaired at Sargodha and consumer also be  facilitated at their door step. Thus FESCO would not only save million of rupees in shape of transportation expenditures but wastage of time would also save. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Rashid Ahmed Aslam visited the Transformer Workshop and inspected the different parts of work and its quality. He appreciated the BOD decision and said that this would be helpful to reduce the burden from this workshop and consumers of Sargodha Divison would be facilitated at local level. Superintending Engineer (SE) M&T Bilal Arshad, XEN (TRW) Rao Mubashar Hayat were also present during this visit. 


A meeting of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Board of Directors (BOD) held here under the chair of Chairman BOD Khurram Mukhtar at FESCO headquarters. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Rashid Ahmed Aslam, Board Directors Ch. Javed Kamal, Abdul Hameed Ch. Rana Ehsan Afzal, Mian Zahid Aslam, Company Secretary Ather Ayub Ch and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Zahid Aslam also attended the meeting.  Board approved the bifurcation of 11-KV Railway road feeder emanating from 132-KV Jhang-II Grid Station under Ashraf Shaeed Sub Division because FESCO has to bear huge loss in shape of line losses. Its estimate cost is about Rs.26 million and completion time is 11 months. Board also approved the Rs.360 million for purchase of 12 kanal land for new 132-KV SPS Grid Station and directed the GSO staff to complete this project within set time period. Board approved the 6 million for shifting of HT/LT lines from residential areas of NA-83 to avoid the fatal and non fatal accidents. Prime Minister of Pakistan issued directive for shifting of these lines. Board approved the promotion of 12 SDOs BPS-17 to XEN (BPS-18). Similarly, Board approved the up-gradation for the posts of technical supervisory staff from BPS-15 to BPS-16. These posts are included LS – I, SSO – I, Forman – I, MRSS and Test Inspector. Board approved the purchase of 65 hundred KM (SID) two core cable.


Gujranwala Electric Power Compnay (GEPCO) won the 47th WAPDA Inter-unit Kabaddi Circle Style Tournament-2016. Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) secured second while Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) third position in the event. The 3-day event was organized by FESCO Sports Association under the aegis of WAPDA Sports Board.The Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) Chairman/WAPDA Sports Board Patron-in-Chief Lt Gen Muzammil Hussain (R) was the Chief Guest of the concluding ceremony of the Tournament, who gave away trophies and prizes to the teams securing first, second and third positions. The Chairman also announced cash prize of Rs.100,000, Rs.75,000 and Rs.50,000 for GEPCO, MEPCO and FESCO teams respectively.Speaking on the occasion, WAPDA Chairman congratulated the players and the officials of the winning teams. He appreciated FESCO Chief Executive Officer, FESCO Rashid Ahmed Aslam, Sports Association and WAPDA Sports Board for organizing the event in a befitting manner. He also paid homage to the people of Faisalabad, who came to witness the final match, for their passion and love for sports. Speaking on the occasion, the Chairman said that WAPDA, through its Sports Board, has been providing patronage for promotion of sports in the country for more than five decades, adding that it will continue to play this role with renewed vigor. He said that sports can be employed as an effective tool to combat extremism in the society by engaging the youth in healthy activities through different games. With this in view, WAPDA has planned to implement a comprehensive strategy, which includes various measures relating to sporting events across the country.Lt Gen Muzammil Hussain (R) said that WAPDA players have not only been showing their class at the national level but also bringing laurels to Pakistan in international competitions. WAPDA has 58 teams – 34 men and 24 women – of different games. At present, WAPDA is national champion in 25 sports and runners-up in 21 disciplines. The Chairman said that WAPDA has also introduced four initiatives in sports as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for improvement in standard of sports and betterment of players. These initiatives include ‘WAPDA Endowment Fund for Sports’ to elevate the standard of sports in Pakistan; ‘WAPDA Athletics Colts’ to promote athletics in the country; ‘Focus on Fitness and Fielding’ and ‘T-12 Cricket’ to improve fielding in Pakistan’s cricket.Commissioner Faisalabad Division Momin Agha, Chairman BOD FESCO Khurram Mukhtar, Chairman HR Committee & President Divisional Kabaddi Association Ch. Javed Kamal, G.M Operation Saleem Bhatti, Chief Engineers, President FESCO Sports Association Ehsan Siddique & Secretary FESCO Sports Association were also present.



All WAPDA Inter Unit (Circle) Kabbadi Tournament would be held at FESCO Ground Abdullahpure from 28 to 30 October 2016. Four teams including FESCO (Faisalabad), LESCO (Lahore), MEPCO (Multan) and GEPCO Gujranwala would participate in this tournament while Chairman WAPDA Lt. Gen (R) Muzammil Hussain would be the Chief Guest of the final match. In this connection a special meeting held here under the chair of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Rashid Ahmed Aslam. The meeting was also attended by the Chairman HR Committee Javed Kamal, President FESCO Sports Association Ehsan M. Siddique, Secretary Mujahid Pervez Chattha, Add: Director (PR) Tahir Sheikh and Sports Officer Arshad Mehmood. The meeting reviewed the different arrangements & CEO FESCO issued orders for conducting successful tournament. 



On the nomination of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Board of Directors, two BOD Directors, Mr. Abdul Hameed Ch and Rana Ehsan Afzal Khan has completed workshop on the topic of “Code of Corporate Management” by LUMS. The Board Directors of belonging to different Distribution Companies (DISCOs) all over Pakistan participated in this workshop. Faculty members briefed the participants of workshop about the Code of Corporate Management of SECP and implementation of different parameters and said non implementation of these parameters causes the economic loss. At the conclusion of workshop certificates were awarded to FESCO Director Abdul Hameed Ch and Rana Ehsan Afzal. Both directors declared this workshop extremely useful to understand the modern needs and said that latest principles of Corporate Management would be practically implemented in an effective manner.  


Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) has won Annual WAPDA Inter Unit Asian Style Kabbadi Tournament while MEPCO team got second position. The tournament played from 7th to 9th at FESCO ground and four teams belonging to different WAPDA formations included FESCO, MEPCO, LESCO & GEPSCO participated in this tournament. Final match played between FESCO & MEPCO and FESCO won the final match by 43 points and remained at top on victory stand. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Rashid Ahmed Aslam was the Chief Guest of final match. He said that FESCO is utilizing all its resources for the promotion of sports activities and problems of players are being resolved at top priority basis so that they could bring good name to FESCO and Pakistan. At the end of final match CEO FESCO, Rashid Ahmed Aslam congratulated the winner team awarded trophy to the captain of winner team.  


Manpower performs a basic role in development and stability of the departments; said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Rashid Ahmad Aslam, he was addressing a farewell party organized in honor of Director (T&G) headquarters FESCO Aslam Sial. He further said that retirement in respectful manner is great gift of God. He said that behavior of Aslam Sial with officers, subordinate staff and customers was exemplary and he would always welcome by company. Earlier, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Sardar Masood Iqbal, Chief Engineer Operation Amil Saddique, Director General (DG) HR&A Ihsan Saiddique and other officers also threw light on the personality and official work of the retired Director (T&G) and said that he always act in ethical and pleasant manner with everyone and performed his duty excellently. During his speech Aslam Sial thanked the Engineers, Administrative Officers and Staff of company for the full cooperation and support to perform his duty in expert manner. He further said that survival of staff lies behind the stabilizing of institutions so we should made collective efforts for the progress of Institutions. A large number of FESCO officer attended the farewell.  


Faisalabad 03 October 2016: Four megawatt Power Purchase Agreement has inked between Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) & Noon Sugar Mill Bhalwal. From FESCO Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rashid Ahmed Aslam, Chief Financial Officer Zahid Hassan and Chief Commercial Officer Sardar Masood Iqbal and from Noon Sugar Mills Chief Operating Officer M. Sohail Khokar, Resident Director Naveed Akhtar and DGM (Electrical) Saif-au-Rehman signed the agreement and later documents were exchanged.During his speech CEO, FESCO Rashid Ahmed Aslam appreciated this agreement and said that such Power Purchase Agreements would be helpful to overcome the current energy crisis. He further said that this environment friendly project would provide cheap electricity. He said that business community should come forward for alternate energy resources so that gap between demanded and supply could be overcome.



On the direction of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Rashid Ahmed Aslam, Chief Engineer Operation Sheikh Amil Siddique has suspended the four FESCO officials on working electricity lines without adopting safety measures. The suspended officials are included Ashiq Hussain line foreman, Muzamal Hussain LM-II, Assistant Line Man Allah Ditta of Nia Lahore Sub Division and Anwar Sohail lineman – I of Samundari Road Sub Division. The said officials were performing their duty without using safety gadgets. CEO took strict notice of this situation and suspended the all officials. CEO FESCO said that working on electricity lines without safety measures is equal to suicide but life of line staff is too precious for department. He directed the line staff not to work on electricity installations and line without safety equipments. He said that FESCO is spending million of rupees every year for purchase of safety gadgets. Show cause notice also served to the SDOs of these officials. 


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Rashid Ahmed Aslam said that Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) is making best efforts to ensure uninterrupted and classy power supply to its consumers and spending billions of rupees for more improvement in distribution system, he was addressing ground breaking ceremony of 132-KV SPS grid station. Mian Irfan Manan Vice Chairman WASA was also accompanied with him at this occasion. CEO FESCO further said that there was indeed need of this grid station in view of establishment of new residential colonies and commercial plazas along with canal road but FESCO was facing severe problem due to non availability of land for this grid station. On the request of FESCO Secretary Water & Power Muhammad Younas Dhaga and State Minister Ch Abid Sher Ali played a vital role for obtaining land at Steam Power Station and thus FESCO has started construction of this grid station at SPS, he added. He said that total estimated cost of this grid station is 270 million and this would be completed by FESCO under 7th STG program within shortest time period of 3 month till 31st December 2016. This construction of SPS grid station would provide relief to 132-KV OTP and Nishatabad grid station and also helpful to reduce the technical as well distribution loses. The load of the Amin Town, Jhumra road, Hamdard, Raza Town, Mobilink, Saeed Colony and Madina Town feeders would be shifted on this grid station. Vice Chairman Mian Irfan Manan declared the construction of this grid station an important factor to facilitate the electricity consumers. G.M Operation Masood Salah-au-Din, C.E Development Sheikh Jahangir, CE (T&G) Saleem Bhatti, C.E Audit Nazam au Din Marwat, C.E Thermal Shoaib Rasheed, S.E (GSC) Mirza Akram, XEN (T&G) Rana Ayub, R.E (SPS) M. Ali and other FESCO officers were also present at this occasion.



Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) has issued orders to all Executive Engineers (XENs) of FESCO region to submit their report regarding combing of two feeders every month while maintenance schedule for operation system should be implemented from first week of October, he was addressing a high level meeting at FESCO Headquarters here today. He directed to speed up the collection of arrears from government departments and said that in case of nonpayment of arrears the connection of defaulting departments should be disconnected. He said that combing of feeders every month would be helpful to trace power theft, slowness of meters and pending units so each meter of feeders would be strictly checked. He also issued orders to complete the “Roshani” project till 31st December to redress the complaints of consumers receive through mobile and online. He showed satisfaction over 97% accuracy of mobile meter reading. He also directed to prepare comprehensive schedule for maintenance of system during the month of October along with tree trimming so that line losses could be further reduced. He stressed upon XENs to promote the safety culture in field office because life of FESCO employee is most important than every think. The meeting was also attended by GM Operation Masood Salah-au-Din, CCO Sardar Masood Iqbal, CE (T&G) Saleem Bhatti, DG (IT) Aziz Ahmed, CFO Zahid Hassan, PD Construction Abdul Aziz Niazi, Director (MM) Mazhar Abbas, Director Commercial Abdul Qayyum, SE (GSO) Bashart Ahmed, SEs & XENs of four circles



For interruption free supply of electricity during Eid Ul Azha days under the control of Chief Executive FESCO Rashid Ahmad Aslam necessary arrangements were undertaken for smooth and regular electricity supply in the eight districts of the division, for attaining better results a cell was established under which caliber teams were formed to address the grievances of consumers expeditiously under any complaint. FESCO Chief Rashid Ahmad Aslam informed that specifically it was made assured that supply of electricity in the rural remote areas should also be arranged in a better way so that people living there could also enjoy Eid festival with pleasure. FESCO Chief Executive further added that strategic measures are being taken to extend best facilitations for the supply of electricity without any interruption and breakdown.


43rd meeting of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Board of Directors (BODs) held here under the chair of Chairman Khurram Mukhtar. The meeting was also attended by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Rashid Ahmed Aslam, Board Directors Syed Ali Ahsan, Abdul Hameed Ch, Ch. Javed Kamal, Rana Ahsan Afzal, Company Secretary Athar Ayub, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Zahid Hassan and Director Material Management Mazhar Abbas. Board approved the area planning of 11-KV Jabbi and Hadali feeder emanating from 132-KV Jauharabad Grid Station. Similarly, board approved the long term loans for FESCO employees worth 13 million for financial year 2015-16. Board accorded approval for age relaxation to son of Mr. Mukhtar Ahmed Waqar former Commercial Assistant who died while performing his official duty. The board also approved the implementation of efficiency measures of Finance Division Government of Pakistan in FESCO. Board approved the purchase of PC Spun Poles. As many as 26 connections of various Government departments have been severed final notices due to the nonpayment of Rs.177.51 million. Among defaulters departments are include Railway, Chief Engineer Chashma Right Bank Canal Project, Punjab District & Session Judge, Punjab Senior Civil Judge, Police, Punjab Jail, Scarp, WASA, Health Department, Punjab Livestock, Revenue, District Roads & Building, TMA Chiniot, Samundari, Iqbal Town, Toba Tek Singh, Gojra, Kamalia, Sargodha, Khushab, Mianwali and Essa Khel. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Rashid Ahmed Aslam has issued special instructions to Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Sardar Masood Iqbal to ensure the recovery from government defaulters departments for the month of September and incase of nonpayment of dues their electricity  connection should be disconnected. The Railways department have liability of Rs. 7.31 million, Chief Engineer Chasham Right Bank Canal Project 1.01million, Punjab District & Session Judge 1.15 million, Punjab Police 4.94million, Punjab Jail 4.34million, Punjab Agriculture 1.55million, Punjab Scarp 9.30million, WASA 7.97million, Punjab Health  & Welfare department 1.15million, District Government Faisalabad 1.15million, Health Department Faisalabad 1.09million, Punjab Livestock & Diary Department 8.36million, Revenue Department 2.15million, District Road & Building Faisalabad 2.31million, DHQ hospital 6.96million, TMA Chiniot 1.23million, TMA Samundari 1.61million, TMA Iqbal Town 2.21 million, TMA Toba Tek Singh 2.65million, TMA Gojra 2.44million, TMA Kamalia 1.06million, TMA Sargodha 32.91million, TMA Khushab 2.61million, TMA Mianwali 26.08million while TMA Essa Khel has liability of 41.97millionThe FESCO spokesman said that proceeding against defaulters is in full swing and no connection would be restored without the full payment of pending dues.

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